Contamination with aerobic bacteria in the brown and noninfected flour infected with different numerical levels of Tribolium castaneum (Herb.)


Abstracct:When the brown flour was infected with anumerical levels of 5,10 and 20 pairs from the adult from of Tribolium .The infected and noninfected flour abacterial species of Eshirechia coli, Staphalococcus aureus, Staph. Epdermidis and Pseudomonasaurignosa . Thequantitative contamination with the the previous bacterial species was different taccording to the numerical levels of the insect infections.The highest average of bacterial numbers at the infections level of 5 pairs 30615.13×103colony gm , while the lowest average was recorded at the levels of10and 20 pairs,which reached 27788.56 and 19884 ×103colony gm respectively.According to the date examining of samples assays , the fourth the week from infection showed the highest average of bacterial numbers with 96227.76×103colony gm, which was significantly increased compouriing to the rest of other dates for the three infection levels . And the lowest average was recorded in the third week from infection with 1602.28×103colony gm.The infected flour was significantly increased on the non infected one in the average of bacterial number in all levels with average of 42178×103colony gm comparing to the non infected flour 10013.81 ×103colony gm