Feeding preference of white fly Insect Acaudaleyrodes rachipora (Sinph) (Hemiptera,Aleyrodidae)on some Variaties of Jujube plant and Evaluation of four Insecticide of its control


The present study was carried out to know the Feeding preference of white fly Insect A.rachipora on five Varieties of Jujube plant Zytoni , Tufahi, Malaci , Bambawi and Fasami in four regions of Basrah namely :Zubair , Abu-ALKasaeb,Shut-ALArab and Hartha during growth season 2009-2010 .The study also aims in to comparing the efficiency of some Insecticides, Appluad ,AL Bark, Paythroid and falcon to control the Insect.The result showed that the high preference of the white fly insect was found on the Fasami variety fllowed by Malaci,Bambawi , Zytoni and Tufahi which the population density of lnsect on the bellow Surface of the leaves was 83.97,21.53,8.67,0.02,0.02 nymph/50 cm² respectively. Hartha region had the highest population density that reach to 46.18 nymph/50 cm² while Zubair region had the lowest population density that reach to 4.48 nymph/50 cm². The percentage of infection on different Jujube varieties showed that the highest infection rate was 41.71% in Fasami variety while the lowest was 3.19 in Tofahi variety.Also the highest infaction rate was 24.78 recorded in Hartha region where as the lowest was 10.38% recorded in Zubair region. The result cleared that the Insecticides Applaud Paythroid AlBarq,Falcon caused areduction in the population density of insect which the mortality rate was 75.65% , 55.27%,26.72%,19.66% respectively after 21 days of treatment.-