Forced Convective Heat Transfer for a Rotating Horizontal Cylinders in a Laminar Cross Flow


This study investigates the effect of rotating two rows of horizontal cylinders on forced convection heat transfer in cross flow. Each row consists a three rotating horizontal cylinders heated at constant temperature. The governing equations for the steady, laminar, two dimensional, incompressible flow and constant fluid properties are solved numerically using the finite element method with FlexPDE soft package for a two rows of rotating cylinders at the same direction and at opposite directions. The main parameters are: Reynolds number (4010Re−=), Prandtl number (7.0Pr=), dimensionless longitudinal pitch (SL=1.5-2.5), dimensionless transverse pitch (ST=1.5-2.5) and the dimensionless angular velocity (Ω=0-3) (for both directions clockwise CW and counter clockwise CCW). It is found that the average Nusselt number increased with increasing Re and ST, and decreases with Ω and SL. The results are compared with other authors and give a agreement.