A Study on Second Mode Stress Intensity Factor (KII) of Cracked Plates Under Compression Load


A two-dimensional finite element method for analysis and determination of second modestress intensity factor (KII) of several crack configurations in plates under uniaxialcompression is presented in this study. Various cases including diagonal crack (i.e. cornercrack, central crack as well as at different locations on the diagonal) and central kinked crackare investigated with different crack's length, orientation and location. The influence of thecontact between two crack surfaces is taken into account by applying contact elementprocedure with desired friction coefficient. The stress intensity factor is calculated by a cracksurface displacement extrapolation technique. From the obtained results of the analysis it isfound that, the corner cracked plates more dangerous than the other cracked plates, since ithas the highest stress intensity factor. Also, the length and orientation of the kinked crackhave significant effects on the stress intensity factor. The results of this investigation isillustrated graphically, exposing some novel knowledge about the stress intensity factor andits dependence on crack configuration.