Tissue Cultivation of Plant Raphanus sativus L. and Identification of Raphaiol Alkaloid of Extraction of The Seeds, Explants, Callus and produced Plants from tissue Cultivation


The present study managed the initiation of callus from leaves, stems and roots of the sterilized Raphanus sativus L. Seeds using the solid MS supplied with various concentrations of growth regulators (BA, NAA). The root parts showed the highest percentage of 100% in the presence of 1.0 mg/liter of NAA and BA. Then the stem parts in which the callus initiation estimated at 98%, and the leaves parts with 88% percentage initiating which is done in the same medium. The callus of the stem and the leaves of Raphanus sativus L. has showed a high ability of regeneration of shoots in the same medium.Moreover, the results of isolation and identification of Raphaiol alkaloid from the seeds , the plant parts (leaves, stems, and roots) and the produced callus from them and the leaves of the plants produced from callus by using the thin layer chromatography showed an isolated spot from each tested sample .These samples showed perfect conformity with the rate flow (Rf) and perfect and approximate conformity with the rates flow of the standard Raphaiol alkaloids spot (the control sample amounted to)=(0.59).


Plant, Raphanus