The antagonism activity investigation of Bacillus circulans against some bacteria causing urinary tract infection


The study aimed to investigation and identification on antagonism activity of Bacillus circulans filtrates against causative bacteria ofUTI , which represented by E.coli, Proteus mirabilis Staphylococcus saprophyticus and Klebsielle pneumonia . 200 urine samples of female suffering fromUTI in were collected and suspected bacterial causative agent were isolated , there identification throughout cultural ,microscopical and biochemical characterization ,moreover ,the susceptibility to antibiotics were tested in order to select a resistance one from each bacterial species ..One isolated (C2) possessing high inhibitory activity against that bacteria were chosen for the further study that the antagonism activity of bacterial filtrates were investigated in the soild and common growth media. Resistance of the chosen (C2) isolated to various level of pH and bile salt for different periods of times was studied.Results obtained may be summarized as follows : Regarding bacteria causing UTI (200) isolates ,they are distributed as (74) cases E.coli ,(24)cases P. mirabilis,(30) cases Staph. saprophyticus ,( 52)cases K. neumoniae were obtained ,they different in their resistance to antibiotics used .The result showed that the B. circulans (C2) resist to high acidity and bile salt (30 %) during 24 hours .Also,the concentration filtrate with ammonium sulphate and filtrate separated by chlorophorm were high activity against test bacteria ,the inhibitory zone in( E.coli, Staph. saprophyticus, P. mirabilis , K. pneumoniae )were (20,18,14,8) , (19,16,14,6) respectively compound with other compounds.