Turkish Studies Situation ln IraqThroughout The Last Ninetieth years


AbstractIn issues No. (13, 14) of “Arab History Magazine for OttomaniStudies” which is issued by AL-Timemy institute for studies andresearches in Tunisia, there is a study under the title : the situation ofOttomani studies in Iraq during the past thirtieth, (1996),”Imentioned in it that past years witnessed a notable interest withOttomani studies not only in Iraq, but in the whole Arab Homelandbecause of the great significance of “ the Ottomani reign “, whichextended from the first half of the 16th century until the beginning ofthe 20th century; regarding political, economic, social, andpsychological formation of the contemporary Arab society.Take care of Ottomani reign took the form of making variousresearches and studies, issuing scientific magazines and periodicals,beside establishing think-tanks that attend to modern Arab historysince the beginning of the Ottomani expansion in 1516 until the lastdays of World War I in 1918.As a supplement to this study I submit here a review for the statusof Turkish studies in Iraq, where I am saying that looking afterTurkish affaires connected with the formation of modern Iraqi statein 1921 and modern Turkish state in 1923. There were two factorsbehined paying attention to Turkish studies : first ; is related toTurkish claims in Mosul province and issuing the resolution ofLeague of Nations in 1925 coming to a point that Mosul province isinseparable part of Iraqi state. Second; the willing to know theTurkish experience led by Mustafa Ataturk (1919-1938) in buildingand developing Turkey.As a consequence of Iraqi – Turkish relations development, andconcluding a treaty of friendship between the two countries in 1947,Shakir Sabir AL-Thabit who, is a non – professional historians andex-military man, wrote his book” Friendship History between Iraqand Turkey” which was printed in Baghdad. Since 1947 and untilwriting these lines, Iraqi researches – in all specialties – continuelooking after the north neighbor : Turkey; as a desire to establishdeveloped relations and to contribute to solve the problems thatblock the course of relations movement, Iraqi researchers find thatthere are many ties which connect both Iraqi – Turkish peoples asreligion, neighborhood, mutual history, and exchanged interests.