Shear Behavior of Self Compacting R.C. I-Beams


Twelve SCC I-Beams were designed to investigate the shear behavior under twoconcentrated loads. All beams have the same longitudinal steel ratio of (0.0145) and grosssection area of (29000 mm2). The tested beams were divided into two groups with andwithout stirrups. The first group consist of three beams without stirrup having differentvalues of compressive strength (fc`) but same value of clear span to effective depth ratio(ln/d), while the second group consist of nine beams with stirrups. It shall divided into threeseries according to the compressive strength (fc`) each series continued three beams atdifferent value of clear span to effective depth ratio(ln/d).it was found that The ultimateshear strength predicted from A CI 318-08 is lesser than the experimental values, theultimate shear strength of SCC I-beams increased about 46.728%,46.55%and 41.462%when the clear span to the effective depth (ln/d) decreased from (5.84 to 5.05) atcompressive strength (fc) 29.36, 41.42 and 49.2 MPa respectively ,the ultimate shearstrength for SCC I- beams with stirrups increase about 22.536%.15.27%and 10.828%when the compressive strength(fc) increased from (29.36 to 49.2 MPa) at clear span toeffective ratio (ln/d) 5.84, 5.5 and 5.05 respectively, ,the ultimate shear strength of SCC Ibeamswith stirrups increased about 42.66%, 38.09% and 39.77% as compared withultimate shear strength without stirrups at compressive strength 29.36,41.42 and 49.2 MParespectively.