Anatomical and Histological study of the Pancreas of Pigeon


Ten Adult Pigeon male and female obtained from AL-Nassiriya market species (Columbia livia). Histological and histochemical study on the pancreas of pigeon were carried out using special staining and light microscope. The pancreas had four lobes ,Three pancreatic ducts were recognized as they join the proximal end of ascending duodenum . The Exocrine portion consist of intercalated duct, intralobular duct , interlobular duct and main duct. In the present study the serous tubuloacinar gland having Exocrine and Endocrine portion .The Endocrine portion were found to be Langerhans Islets which were composed of Alpha islets and Beta islets . Alpha islet were composed of two types of cells: Alpha cell and Beta cell .Beta islets containing Beta cell and Delta cell. The Endocrine Portion was consisted of various shapes and size of Alpha and Beta islets .The structure of Pigeon Pancreas was similar to that of other avian species with minor differences.