Effect of different levels of Nitrogen fertilizer and row spacing on growth traits, of Rape seed ( Brassica napus L. )


This study was conducted at the experimental farm of Field Crops Science Department , College of Agriculture , University of Tikrit , during the Autumn season of 2003 and Spring season of 2004 to study the effect of four nitrogen fertilizer levels ( 0 , 60 , 120 and 180 kg N/ha) with three rows spacing (20 , 30 and 40 cm) on the growth traits, yield and it's components of Rape seed ( Brassica napus L. var. pactol).The R.C.B.D with three replications was used in this experiment.The results indicated that the Nitrogen fertilizer applications significantly affected on first branch height (cm) , leaf area (cm2/plant) , namber of days from sowing to 100% maturity, in both seasons , while number of secondary branches /plant in autumn season only. No. of days from sowing to 50% flowering in spring season were found to be significant .The rows spacing affected significantly on most of the studied traits, The row spacing 30cm gave the highest rate for leaf area (cm2/plant) in autumn season , while the data showed that 40cm row spacing gave significant effects for No. of secondary branches/plant in Autumn season and No. of primary branches/plant and leaf area (cm2/plant) in spring season. A significant interaction were found between Nitrogen fertilize and rows spacing for all of the studied characters .