Trichomoniasis Vaginalis in Women Attending Family Planning Unit in AL-Liqa'a Hospital


The prevalence and the incidence trichomoniasis and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) correlated with risk factors among women attending family planning unit in AL-Liqa'a Hospital are determined. Two hundred and fifty (250) women complaining vaginal discharge were examined for the period from October 2010 till September 2011. From each women full history was taken including age, duration of marriage, residence, occupation, previous history of vaginal discharge and any history of STIs. Vaginal swabs tested microscopically and cultured on appropriate media. Trichomoniasis was detected in 18 (7.2%) out of 250 women included in this study. STIs were estimated in 58 (23.2%) women, and trichomoniasis represented about 31.0% of them. Forty women (69.0%), out of 58 infected women were found to be infected with other than parasitic pathogens. The highest rate of STIs was found in age between (25-29) years (32.8%). The highest rate of infection with Trichomonas vaginalis was found at two age intervals (25-29) and (30-34) years old (27.8%). There was a significant differences in the marriage age, occupation (house wives vs. employed), and the numbers of the sexual contact / week between the STIs infected women and uninfected women, while there was no significant difference among women infected with T. vaginalis and those infected with other STIs. The effect of other factors was also discussed. Finally Trichomonas vaginalis in women in Baghdad is one of the important STIs with a high prevalence.