The Effect Of Phacoemulsification And Intra OcularLensImplantation On The Intra Ocular Pressure In Glaucomatous And Non Glaucomatous Eyes


Abstractbackground: Cataract and glaucoma are two common diseases affecting a large spectrum of the population worldwide. This prospective study aimed to study the effect of phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation in non glaucomatous and glaucomatous eyes on the intraocular pressure(IOP).Materials: intraocular pressure before and after phacoemulsification with IOL implantation was recorded. Eyes were divided into 3 groups according to preoperative IOP. Data were recorded preoperatively, 6 months postoperatively, and 1 year postoperatively. Comparison was made between preoperative IOP versus IOP 1 year postoperatively.Results: 70 patients were included in the study. The final mean IOP reduction was 6.411 mm hg (24.65%) in the 24 to 30 mm hg group, 4.439 mm hg (20.41%) in the 20 to 23 mm hg group, and 1.44 mm hg (8.47%) in the 15 to 19 mm hg group.Conclusion: intraocular pressure reduction was proportional to preoperative IOP;the highest preoperative IOP decreased the most and the lowest preoperative IOP decreased the least. Phacoemulsification with iol implantation may help treating adult glaucoma.Keywords:phacoemulsification;IOP.