IL-10 serum level estimation in Iraqi colorectal and gastric cancer patients


Background:Gastrointestinal cancers (GITc) is a worldwide problem. In Iraq , Gastric cancer is the 9th commonest of the top cancers while colorectal cancers it is considered as the 7th commonest ten cancers.IL-10 appears to be more of a pro-tumor than anti-tumor properties in both colorectal and gastric cancers.Objective:is to estimate the serum level of IL-10 in the Iraqi colorectal and gastric cancer Patientsand its relation to the progress of disease.Patients and Methods:In ourstudy ,54 serum samples werecollected starting from the 1st of January to mid of March 2011, to investigate the IL-10 serum level by using ELISA kit. 38colorectal and gastric cancer patients (H.Pylori +ve) and 16 of healthy control group.Results: The results showed that IL-10 serum levels of both GIT tumors were increased significantly (p<0.05) comparing with the healthy control group.Conclusion:In conclusion, the high serum level of IL-10 in colorectal cancers is due to the pro-tumor properties of IL-10 while in gastric cancer while the association of IL-10 genotypes specifically the single nucleotide polymorphism of the IL-10 promoter region may be the source of its serum increasing level. Keywords: IL-10, Colorectal Cancer, Gastric Cancer.