Serum zinc in psoriatic patients


Background: Psoriasis is a common skin disorder affecting 1% to 3% of thepopulation all over the world. Many etiological factors have beenimplicated but trace elements, especially zinc, may play an importantrole.Aims: This study was done to evaluate the serum level of zinc in patientswith psoriasis and it's relation to clinical types, duration and surface areaof the disease.Patients and Methods: Fifty patients (25 males & 25 females) withdifferent ages and different types of psoriasis were chosen for thisstudy. Also 50 non-psoriatic volunteers, sex and age matched wereserved as controls, evaluated for serum zinc level.Results: The result of this study has shown that 49 (98%) of psoriaticpatients have low serum zinc compared with 2 (4 %) among controls(P=0.0001). The type of psoriasis may have an effect on serum zinc, thelowest mean serum zinc is found in palmo-planter (plaque) psoriasis (14%of patients) (P=0.025).Conclusions: From this study we can conclude that zinc deficiency mayplay a role in psoriasis since most patients (98%) have low serum level.