Indications of Tracheastomy in Najaf (Retrospective study 2008-2011)


Tracheastomy is one of few ancient surgical procedures which is still widely used nowadays. There is an old famous statement (when you think about tracheastomy, it is time to do it). This statement is far away from reality with the emergence of new less invasive methods of securing airway.Aim: to evaluate the indications of tracheastomy in Najaf.Patients and methods: a cross-sectional analytic study of 87 tracheastomy operations had been done in the period between January 2008 to February 2011 in Al-Sadar teaching hospital in Najaf.Results : The mean age of our 87 patient was (52.4). Most of our patients were males 59(67.8%). The main indication for tracheastomy was upper airway obstruction 59 patients (67.8%), While the least indication was subglottic stenosis 2,2%. Among upper airway obstruction causes, carcinomas of the larynx and hypopharynx were the main indications for tracheastomy 67.7%. From 20 patients reqired tracheastomy for assisted ventilation 65% had head injury. In those six patients whom the main indication of tracheastomy was for bronchial toilet, 83.3% had head injuries (5patients).Conclusions : our indications for tracheastomy in Najaf is quite different from those over all the world. While still relieving of upper airway obstruction is the most common indication in our study, replacement of prolong intubation represent the first indication in developed countries.