The clinical effectiveness of topical propo-lis in comparison with Acyclovir in pa-tients with recurrent herpes labialis


To evaluate the clinical effectiveness of ethanolic extract of propolis (viscous solution12.5%) compared with the effect of Acyclovir (ACV) cream 5% in patients with recurrent herpes labialis (RHL). Materials and Methods: Thirty patients with active lesions (intact vesicle and rupture lesions) were included in this clinical trial. Fifteen patients were treated with viscous solution of ethanolic propolis extract while the other fifteen patients were treated with Acyclovir cream 5%. Results: Com-plete resolution of prodromal symptoms ( itching, tingling or burning) and erythema were noticed in propolis group after two days of treatment compared with none in ACV group. Statistically very high-ly significant difference in RHL lesion size in ACV group was observed (P<0.000), compared with highly significant difference in propolis group (P < 0.001). Conclusions: ACV cream 5% appeared to be more effective topically in healing time than ethanolic extract of 12.5 % viscous solution of propo-lis.Topical propolis would alleviate symptoms and erythema of RHL completely after two days whe-reas this action was not seen in topical ACV cream 5%.