Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; an Pidemiological Prospective Study


ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: COPD is preventable and treatable disease state characterized by airflow limitation that is not fully reversible, The airflow limitation is usually progressive and is associated with an abnormal inflammatory response of the lung to noxious particle or gases. Primarily caused by cigarette smoking (1)..COPD is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide and estimated to be the third cause of death by 2020(5 ). OBJECTIVE : *To describe sample of COPD patients by important parameters recommended from GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR COPD & COPD PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION, ( &www COPD professional .org). * To have an enough idea about the prevalence of disease in Iraqi patients, study risk factors, , methods of diagnosis & management . PATIENTS AND METHODS : A cross sectional study of 200 patients that were recruited from outpatients & inpatients at medical city Those patients diagnosed as COPD according to ; -Age more than 35 years History of cough or productive cough, or. history of shortness of breath with.FEV1/ FVC less than 0.7 & FEV1 is 80% of predicted (MILD COPD) by spirometry Exclude patients-Patients with mixed obstructive & restrictive ventilator defect byspirometry. The study conducted from March 2005- March 2006 (about 1 year). to evaluate & compare the different way of presentation ,diagnosis, management & therapeutic measures. A total number of 200 patients were seen, examine,A send for important (available) tests needed & their medical records . RESULTS: Diseases are more prevalent in male 162 patients (81%) than female 38 patients (19%) & M;F about (4/1).Also COPD are more common in those who lived in rural area 127 patients(63.5%)than those in urban area 73patients(36.5%). show smoking are the most important risk factor in COPD patients recruited in this study about 177 patients( 88.5%) are smokers than 23 patients (11.5%) are never smoke. smokers about 117 patients ( 58.5% ) are current smokers( 94 patients 47% male & 23 patients 11.5% female) than 36 patients (18%) are ex smokers ( 29 patients 14.5% male & 7 patients 3.5% female) than 17 patients(8.5%) are passive smokers ( 12 patients ( 6%) male & 5 patients 2.5% female, than 7 patients ( 3.5%) all of them male are pipe smokers, In analysis cough presentation, we noticed 20 patients (10%) have dry cough and 140 patients (70%) have had productive cough. In those complaints from productive cough show 34 patients (17%) are scanty amount of sputum than 27 patients (13.5%) have moderate, and 79 patients (39.5%) large amount. . CONCLUSION: Cough and age are the most important predictors of the disease..tobacco smoking is the most important risk factors for COPD&smoking cessation is the single most effective important preventive steps cost effective in COPD management... Air pollution either indoor or outdoor plays an important role in development of COPD