Effect of using Fenugreek seeds on milk yield and composition of local Friesian Cows


In (RCBD) experiment Design , Six local Friesian cows (2-3 lactating season) were used to study the effect of three levels of Fenugreek seeds (0 , 2 , 4 %) on milk yield , milk composition and cholesterol level in the milk . Results showed that feeding 2 or 4% of Fenugreek seeds was significantly ( P< 0.05) ) increased milk yield and fat corrected milk (FCM 4%) as well as feed efficiency was improved as compared with control ration. cholesterol level in the milk was significantly decreased( P< 0.05) by increasing the percentage of Fenugreek seed at the treatment 4% compared with (0, 2% ) . The results also indicated that feeding Fenugreek seeds had no significant effect on milk fat, lactose and total solid.