Effect of Various Vegetable Oils on Production Performance of Broiler.


This study was carried out at the poultry Farm of Animal Resources Department, College of Agriculture, university of Tikrit for a period from 6-October-2011 up to 10-November-2011 . 480 chick one day-old were used and randomly assigned to four treatments, each containing three replicates in each duplicate 40 chicks, fed birds ad libitum in a three diets: and transactions experience as follows : sunflower, palm , powder vegetable and corn oil. The results as follow. Obtain a significant improvement (P<0.05) in the rate of body weight, weight gain feed conversion, carcass weight and dressing percentage for the first, second and fourth treatment compared with the third treatment (powder vegetable oil) which high moral (P<0.05) in the percentage mortality compared with second treatment. while did not significant differences in total feed consumption and abdominal fat of all treatments.