Antifungal Activity of Nitroglycerin Against Some Species of Aspergillus


The results of present study showed, that nitroglycerin as a nitric oxide donor (NO) have antifungal activity against some species of the opportunistic pathogenic fungus Aspergillus depending on species of fungus and the concentration of drug in growth media . A . flavus was the most sensitive to nitroglycerin, it caused 44.45% and 59.25% inhibition of fungus growth when used in concentrations of 0.075 and o.15 mgml in growth medium respectively. Whereas, A. fumigatus seems to be less sensitive to drug, the inhibition percentages was 9.09% and 18.2% at the same previous concentrations respectively. The concentration 0.15 mgml was more inhibitory on growth of test fungi in compared to 0.075 mgml.