Unstable Angina Biomarkers and Their Main Risk Factors in Iraqi Patients


Abstract:The presented study focuses on the main role of leptin and lipid profilelevel in Iraqi patients with unstable angina to indicate the main risk factors thatplay a role with their elevation.This is a case control study conducted on (37) unstable angina patientsand (20) healthy control who were closely similar by age, gender and BMI.The main statistical analysis used was student t test, linear regression testand correlation test. Significance was set at P < 0.05. Sampling method used forthis study was convenience sampling method.The main results of this study showed that leptin and lipid profilespecifically LDL, TG, TC and VLDL are the main biomarker for the futureincidence of unstable angina in Iraqi patients. Doctors should focus on bothleptin level and lipid profile level as biomarkers for future incidence of unstable