The study of fatigue behavior of epoxy composites reinforced by glass and Kevlar fibers


Fatigue behavior for three layer glass and Kevlar woven roving (0° - 90°) fibers have beenstudied by rotary bending method by S-N curves these curves have determined fatigue lifeand fatigue limit and fatigue strength of composite .The test specimens were prepared by hand lay-up method the epoxy resin used as amatrix type (Quick mast 105) in prepared material composite where reinforced this matrix bytwo types of fibers( Kevlar -49) and woven roving glass that we can see it in (1-1) tableSinusoidal wave which is formed of variable stress amplitudes at 15 Hz cycles wasemployed in the fatigue test and (10 mm) deflection arrival to numbers of cycle failure limit.The results show us the reinforcement has important act to increased resistance to thefatigue compared with specimens have not reinforcement this side the specimensreinforcement of glass fiber have resistance to fatigue and fatigue life better than thespecimens reinforcement of Kevlar fiber