Assessment of Wind speed for Electricity Generation in Technical Institute / Mosul


The present research deals with the assessment of wind speed for electricity generation in Technical Institute / Mosul for laboratory usage. A wind mill was designed and fabricated to carry out the experimental work, it was positioned on a tower of 30 meter height above sea level, and the wind speed was measured and recorded by Anemometer device every 20 seconds and then were averaged over 10 minute. The 10 minute average wind speed data were then averaged over one hour. All the wind speed data were measured and recorded close the wind mill apparatus.The Weibull Probability Density Function for wind potential was calculated from the mean wind speed data and the Weibull scale factor c was calculated.Experimented results showed that the relationship between the average wind speed and the scale factor c was .The measured and calculated wind speed data were also averaged over each eight hours period for each day of the whole month in March, and the experimental results revealed an average wind speed of 6.2 m/s which was available for large parts of the day.The results also showed that the are a certain periods in which the wind speed are useful for converting their power to an electricity for laboratory usage.It was also concluded that there is an enough number of hours in which the wind speed of a high potential power are available and enough for running the wind mill.The results obtained for the wind speed measured by Anemometer device and the Weibull Probability Density Function showed a best fitting between wind speed measured in the present study and the wind speed distribution for Weibull Probability Density Function which indicate that there is an efficiency and enough wind speed on the top of the workshop in Technical Institute / Mosul for the generation of electricity which can run the devices and the instruments for laboratory usage.