The Influence of Operation Conditions on the Permeative Flux of (PVC/PS) Hollow Fiber Membrane


Membranes have gained an important place in chemical technology and are usedin a wide range of applications. This investigation has studied the effect of operatingconditions such as temperature, trans-membrane pressure and solute concentrationon the separation performance of (PVC/ PS) hollow fiber membrane, which wasprepared in the laboratory from 15% (PVC) and 2% (PS) using phase inversionmethod. An attempt was done to investigate the ability of PVC/PS hollow fibermembrane for ultrafiltration application. A (PVP) solute was used to measure (PVP)rejection of prepared membrane.The predicted flux was found to increase from (18.88 l/ to 33.05 l/ the operation temperature was increased from (10Ž) to (30Ž).While itincreased from (28.57 l/ to (263.36 l/ when the operation pressure wasincreased from (1bar) to (3bar). It was also found to decrease from(17.97 l/ to(12.20 l/ with increase solute concentration from (1000ppm) to (2500ppm).The rejection efficiency was equal to (99.93%) when using (2500ppm) solute. Thisis considered within UF range.