Bolometer Detector Modeling and its Performance Indexes


Bolometer detector is one of thermal detectors. In this research the essentialconcepts and parameters are included which cover the main types of bolometerdetectors. But the actual values of parameters used here in simulation are adoptedfrom [7] for semiconductor bolometer. This detector operates for all opticalwavelengths of different sources. From analysis and results obtained, it is shownthat minimum and maximum values of specific Detectivity D* for cryogenictemperatures from 0.5 K to 10 K are 0.25~10 / and 5 ~10 / , respectively and the values between them when the incidentradiation frequency is 100 Hz.. It is seen that for frequency greater than 1Hz, thespecific Detectivity increases rapidly which means that the bolometer detector willrespond for high frequencies in a manner more speed than that of low frequencies.It is found that as the value of ƒÑth is increased, the temperature change in detectorsensor is decreased. That is decreasing ƒÑth enhance the performance of bolometerdetector. It is found that the responsivity of this detector follow its output voltagewhich in turn follow the bolometer temperature change.