Experimental Study on Enhancement of Single-Basin Solar Still Using Dye Solutions


An enhancement of single slope solar still using different dye solutions wasstudied experimentally. Single-basin solar still can be used for water desalination.Probably, they are considered the best solution for water production in remote, arid tosemi-arid, small communities, where fresh water is unavailable. However, the amountof distilled water produced per unit area is somewhat low which makes the singlebasinsolar still unacceptable in some instances. The purpose of this work is to studythe effect of using different dye solutions in a solar still, and thus enhance theproductivity of water. Experimental results show that the productivity of distilled waterwas enhanced for some materials. Using Methyline Blue solution increased the dailywater productivity by 18%. While using Methyle Orange solution increased by 28 %.Also the better efficiency of 74.3 % has taken when using Methyle Orange solutioncompared with efficiency of 62.53 % when Methylene Blue solution was used whilethe better efficiency is 58.89 % when only water used in still. Therefore it isconcluded the productivity of water still per unit area is increased when using dyesolutions as Methylene Blue solution and Methyle Orange solution.