Study the Job Shop Scheduling By Using Modified Heuristic Rule


The process of scheduling is considered as one of the more important productionplanning processes which faces the management of companies, because of the pressureof competition processes. The management of companies and firms take automation ofthis process to get speed and precisions to take suitable decisions. Various kinds ofscheduling problems have received a lot of attention from researchers in a number offields. So far research has primarily been focused on finding a good solution withrespect to makespan and total completion time. Heuristic rules have strong advantagesin that these are easy to understand, easy to apply and require relatively little computertime. For that the researcher has designed a system aided by computer for operationsscheduling on machines in job shop production system based on new heuristic rules tohelp scheduler in solving problem in this field. This system is named "ComputerAided-Job Shop Scheduling" (CA-JSS). It is construction based on two suggested rulesthose are called "Modified Least Work Remaining" and "Modified Most WorkRemaining". We wiII apply it particularly on group of cases. We have been dividedthese cases into two stages. In the first stage ten examples taken from scientificreferences are used as theoretical cases, in second stage we take practical case fromState Company for Electrical Industry (SCEI). The CA-JSS proved its efficiency andability in scheduling the operations. The results appear for this system in some casesbest than (Win QSB) software.