Deformation Analysis of Road Embankment Foundation Soil Improved with Fiber Glass


The main objective of this research is to evaluate the improvement of embankmentsoil foundation soil using the fiber glass treatment. To accomplish the main objective,laboratory tests, includes direct shear test and unconfined compression test are made toevaluate the potential of acting the fiber glass as cementing agent in terms of strengthparameters (cohesion and angle of internal friction). The ANSYS program of version(12.1) was employed for analyzing embankment foundation system. The resultsshowed that increasing the percent of fiber glass from (1 to 3%) reduce the vertical andhorizontal displacement about (75%) at 3%, and reduced the horizontal and verticalstrain about (75%, 85%) respectively at the same fiber glass content (3%). This means,that the general role of adding the fiber glass works as a tender to soil mixture not asfiber reinforcement. So it can be concluded that the fiber glass act as cementing agentas shown in the obtained experimental results for strength parameters (cohesion andangle of internal friction ) from the direct shear and the unconfined compression testthat carried out in this works.