Influence of Shape Design of MEMS (Micro-Cantilever Based Sensor) on High-Sensitivity


In this paper, a novel analysis was carried out on the biosensor microcantileversin order to increase the sensitivity of a micro- cantilever basedbiosensor piezoresistive. Holes were made and compared with the basicrectangular (R), triangular (T), and step(S) profile cantilever. Effect of changingthe micro-cantilevers profile and its cross-section shape was investigated. A finiteelement ANSYS was used to analyze these models. The micro-cantilevers aremade of silicon with elastic modulus 130Gpa and poisson’s ratio 0.28. Severalcases were studied by making one, two and three holes in each biosensorpiezoresistive micro-cantilevers (rectangular (R), triangular (T), and step(S) profilecantilever). Results showed that triangular micro-cantilever with two holes (T22)has the better sensitivity, also showed T12 respectively 61.7% and 65% highersensitivity than R12, S12.