HLA-DR and DQ Antigens in Iraqi Patients with Behget's Disease


Summary:Background: Behqet's disease (BD) is a multisystemic in inflammatoty disorder, disease onset is believed to be triggered by many factors with a particular genetic background. The aim of this study is to investigate the possible correlation between HLA-DR & DQ antigens and onset of this mysterious disease.Method: By using microlymphocytoxicity test, the frequencies of 18 HLA-DR & DQ antigens were calculated in 65 patient with BD compared with 32 patients control with recurrent oral ulcers (ROU) & 115 healthy control.Results: Significant increased trend of HLA-DR52, DR53 and DQ3 antigens (P<0.001), and significant reduced frequencies of DQ4 antigen (P<0.01) in patient with BD as compared to H.C. group, on the other hand significant decreased DR1 antigen in patient with BD (P<0.005) as compared with patients with ROU.Conclusion: Higher frequency of DR52, DR53 & DQ3, these alleles could in one way or another play a crucial role in susceptibility to BD. Whereas DR1 DQ4 phenotypes decrease the risk to develop, this disease.Key words: Behget's disease, HLA- typing HLA-DR and DQ.