Seroprevalance of Toxoplasmosis in human: Iraq/Sulaimani


Summary: Background: Toxoplasma gondii infection in humans is widespread through out the world, approximately half a billion humans have antibody to T. gondii. Patients and Methods: Blood samples were collected from (186) persons, of different sexes and ages. Tow differ serological tests , ELISA and LAT for qualitative determination of T. gondii antibody titer in serum samples. Results: Out of the 186 human sera, the seropositivity for T. gondii IgG anti-body by ELISA 70 (37.63 %) and 108 (58.06 %) by LAT. The prevalence of toxoplasmosis was highest in age groups 35-44 (48.5%) and 45-54 ( 52.o%) in human, in comparism with other age groups.Conclusion: Statistical results show no significant differences between both tests (ELISA &LAT) at (P ≥ 0.05).The prevalence of toxoplasmosis was increased proportionally with the age of individuals, while gender has no effect on the prevalent rate.Keywords: Toxoplasma gondii; seroprevalence;ELISA;LAT; Sulaimani