The aim of this study was preparing program of therapeutic exercises for reducing the pain of knee Osteoarthritis (OA). The study also aimed at improving the mobility of the knee joint in addition to improving the flexibility of the joint while extending and flexing movements. The sample of study included (24) patients which were reported at therapeutic department at Al-Salaam learning hospital. The sample was (7) males (17) females aged (47 to 58) years and they had early OA knee according to an orthopedic diagnostic. The study depended on the scale of (KOOS) in order to assess the symptoms and pain levels of the knee joint. In addition the study assessed the ability to perform certain daily activities, the motion range of flexibility at the injured knee joint while extending and flexing movements and the mobility to walk by 6min./meters walk test with indication of the distance achieved.After processing data statistically, the study concluded that the therapeutic exercises has effective and positive role in decreasing knee pain and related disability and improving daily activates in addition to the range of motion while extension and flexion of the knee joint. The study concluded also that the pain is the main cause of all knee symptoms and if it reduced, all things will improved. The study recommended preparing and improving a therapeutic exercises program by the physiotherapy centers. It is necessary also to explain the importance of physiotherapy since it includes exercises which are in turn more effective and safety than drugs which have side effects.