Practices of women for Breast - Self Examination in The Medical-Technical Institute in Baghdad


Abstract:The objective of this study is to identify the practices of women for Breastself examination, and to find out the relationship between women practices andsome variables (Age, level of education, information concerning to BSE, andcase discovered.Descriptive analytical design of the study conducting on 110 woman's,starting from May 8th 2009 to the October 29th 2009, the questionnaire wascomposed of socio-demographic characteristics and 20 Items related toknowledge and practices of women regarding to BSE.It was found that most of the study sample at 31-40 years old and themajority of them have college education, Majority of the study sample haveinformation about BSE, most of the study sample who were doing BSE wasdiscovered breast mass during examination and 23% of mass discovered duringexamination was malignant, and there were highly significant between women