Optical properties of Polystyrene doped with KPF6 thin films


Thin films of Polystyrene (PS) doped with Potassium hexafluoro phosphate (KPF6) for different weight ratio (0, 5, 7.5, 10%) were prepared by the cast method. The Absorption spectra of thin films were studies at the wavelength range (300-700nm). There are represented by The Absorption (A) and Transmittance (T) spectra. The Absorption coefficient (α), Reflection coefficient (R) and Urbach (Localized State) energy (Eu) were computed. We found that the polymeric films having the π→ π* electronic transitions and indirect energy gap which is decrease with increased the weight ratio of KPF6 from (2.45)eV for PS pure to ( 2.1)eV for the ratio 10% of added. But there is increase in the phonon energy with increase KPF6; also, we found that the Urbach energy was unstable with increase the KPF6.