Potassium Chromate as a Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel Alloy In HCl Media


Potassium Chromate was used as corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel alloy in (0.1 M) HCl medium. Varied concentrations of Potassium Chromate was (0.001M), (0.002M), (0.003M), (0.004M) and (0.005M) investigated in study by using the weight loss method at interval times (1, 2, 3… 10) days. From the results we obtain that the K2CrO4 have a good inhibition effect in HCl medium. This is attributed to a cathodic and anodic inhibitive effects produced by the chromate ions. Also we obtain that the inhibition effect increases with increasing the inhibitor concentration. It was calculated that the optimum concentration of potassium chromate in HCl medium that give the optimum corrosion inhibition of carbon steel is (0.003M).Inhibition efficiency was calculated for potassium chromate which reached to (97.63%).