Seasonal Variation in Fat percentage and Water content of Muscle Tissue of some Fishes Endemic to Derbendikhan Reservoir


Fat percentage and Water content in muscle tissue of 600 individuals under six commercially important fishes of Carassius auratus, Cyprinus carpio, Barbus esocinus, Barbus grypus, Capoeta damascina, and Silurus triostegus from Derbendikhan Reservoir within Sulaimani governorate, were analyzed,. Total fat content of the muscle in Barbus esocinus was of the highest value (76.27 %) and the lower water content (8.14%) among other studied fish, during summer season. The fat content was inversely related to water content in muscle of studied fish for different seasons. The aim was to evaluate fat percentage and water content in fish muscle tissue then relating them to the seasonal variation in addition to its health benefits to consumers in order to get best fish oils among seasons and among species.