Study of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Nano Powder by Microwave Sintering


In this research zirconium oxide samples have been prepared using microwave sintering and conventional sintering furnaces, and the effect of nano powder of zirconium oxide addition on micro-scale powder have been studied with respect to the structural and mechanical properties of the samples.The results showed that the prepared microwave samples have a fine structure with smaller grains and more uniformity, but the density of the samples are slightly higher for samples prepared in the traditional way, while the addition of the Nano-scale powder leads to obtain samples with higher density because of the low porosity. It also added the nanoparticles led to a marked improvement in the micro hardness of the samples.The results confirm that the addition of limited ratios of nanoparticles to micro-scale-powders of the same substance will lead to improvement in the microstructure and some mechanical properties that have been studied in this research.