Study the effect of annealing on some optical properties of tin dioxide membranes prepared in a way that kind thermochemical decomposition


Thin films of (SnO2) by suitable thickness (4100 Å) have been prepared on a borosilicate glass at a temperature of (500 oC) using chemical spray pyrolysis technique and annealing at (550,600,650 oC) for two hours. The optical properties of the thin films of the prepared samples are calculated using the transmission and absorption spectra in the wavelength range of (320-900)nm , were found that the absorbance decreases while the transmittance increases after annealing. The optical properties are calculated: absorption coefficient decreases after annealing, energy gap increases after annealing. Refractive index, extinction coefficient, real part of dielectric constant, imaginary part of dielectric constant and photoconductivity decreases after annealing.