Assessment of effectiveness against microbial and therapeutic to the skin of the alcoholic and aqueous extracts of seeds of Rashad (Cresson)


This study included isolation of some active materials from seed of Cresson such as Saponins and volatile oils with percentage of 23.1% and 21.9% respectively. Also the study included the determination of minerals in Cresson such as " Na, Ca and K" using Flame photometer. The concentrations of these minerals were (220 ppm),(7 ppm) and )258 ppm) respectively. The anti-bacterial activity study was performed for the active materials isolated from Cresson against two genus of pathogenic bacteria, Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus aurous by using agar-well diffusion method. It appeared from this study that all of the extraction have inhibitory effect on bacteria was used. The inhibition zone diameter varies with the type of active compound, its concentration and the genus of bacteria. Has been the use of one type of cell lines of cancer to study the impact of Cresson on the growth of cells in the laboratory and thus know the specifications of CAS anti tumor line cells, the user is (L20B) the cells of a mouse mutant (Mice Transformed cell Line).