The Climatic Considerations for Planning & Architecture of the Traditional Arab City "Old City of Mosul,as aModel"(Arbic)


Abstract The cultural identity of any nation or country can't be confirmed unless the continuity with it's past. The architectural heritage is the most important links with the nation's history, which is formed through several centuries, through interaction with the local environment in all its dimensions, the local climatic condition is the most influential factor.The research hypothesize that the role played by the climate is distinctive in the urban and architecture scales, In the light of that, the objective of the research is to study the relationship between urban-architectural forms and climate, and exploring the strategies adopted by the traditional city for the climatic adaptations and controlling its influence. The research selects the old city of Mosul as a case study because it has similar urban fabric found in the others traditional Arab cities, which have semi-dry or dry climates.