Natural disasters and epidemiological aspects of astronomy and in the Abbasid late in the book Regular Jawzi of the year 334 AH / 945 AD until the year 511 AH / 1117 AD


The subject of natural disasters and astronomical phenomena and epidemiology of important topics in the study of the Abbasid state in the late Abbasid times, especially in Iraq through regular Mtab Ibn al. As Iraq has been in general and Baghdad in particular, sometimes for natural disasters and phenomena of astronomical and epidemiological has had its repercussions serious on the population, they only had to repent and seek forgiveness, and praying to God Almighty to help them to avoid the danger and horrors of the disaster, which is no doubt that such disasters and crises of serious significant impact on the community and to all state institutions and the economic and health aspects in particular.So the state is represented by Caliph and the minister is working extensively to ward off the dangers and epidemics ready all means to avoid such risks, and the Book of regular Jawzi is of great importance because it is full of important information on natural disasters suffered by Iraq and led to humanitarian crises and health toll on the Iraqi society is large and spacious included the economic aspects of this book also contains important information on astronomical phenomena that are subjected to Halla Iraq eclipse the sun and the lunar eclipse and the fall of comets and planets, some of which led to the fires affected the Iraqi society