The Possibility of Using Photographic Diagnostic Films as Dosimeter of UV-Radiation and Study the Optical Properties of these Films


UV- visible spectrophotometer was used to determine the optical properties of the dental x-ray radiation films poly (vinyl chloride). The films were irradiated with varying doses of ultraviolet radiation UVc with 245nm. Optical absorbance peaks Abs. ranged from (0.032- 0.073), the peaks of extinction coefficient ko ranged from (1.2×10-5- 2.8×10-5), while the peaks of the real dielectric constant ε1 were found to be between the (2.2- 3.2), and the of the optical conductivity σ ranged from (1.6×1010 sec-1 - 4.4×1010 sec-1). The above data were obtained for lower radiation dose (102859 erg/mm2) and higher radiation dose (720014 erg/mm2). The results showed that there is a direct correlation between the optical properties and radiation dose. The results revealed that there is a high possibility for using the dental X-ray radiation films as dosimeters of UVc- radiation.