Gabor Wavelet Transform in Image Compression


In the present paper, an importantmathematical transform which is calledGabor transform be used to develop amethod for image compression. Gabortransform is a type of wavelet-basedtransform. It is embedded in the standardcompression algorithm (JPEG2000) as amother wavelet. Based on the obtainedresults we believe that Gabor wavelettransform can provide the optimal resolutionin both the time and frequency domains, aswell as it seems to be the optimal basis toextract local features such as discontinuities.These advantages of Gabor wavelettransform make it an efficient transform forcompression. The proposed compressionsystem is a new approach that achieves ahigh compression ratio with acceptablevisual quality by exploiting the advantagesof Gabor wavelets .The simulation resultsshow that the proposed model gives a goodcompression images that could becompetitive to JPEG2000 using Haarwavelet.