Level of use of applications and software to the university students and its association with Bdafiethm about e-learning


The e-learning and employing digital technology of the ways and means of modern university education, and aims to use modern technology to deliver information to the learner bypassing the limits of time and space, and supports the success of this use on the way in which the environment is designed educational technology and the extent to which the basic elements, and is motivation of the most important elements educational environment that should be considered during the design of the learning environment, and the implementation of the learning process, whether technological or traditional, but this motivation vary this environment, this study investigates the level of use and employ digital technology and its applications, programs and tools by university students, and looking at the relationship between the level of use and motivation toward learning through this technology and its relationship also accomplishment academic represented collection, has chosen researcher sample amounted to (500) students from students PU own, and prepared for the study two measures, first: to investigate the level of use and recruitment of applications and software, and the second: to find a degree of motivation of students towards learning Through this technological applications.The study concluded identify applications most used by students, where the social networking and e-mail and mobile the most widely used, and the study concluded that there is linkage High and Tam between the level of use and motivation toward e-learning, while there was no association between the level of application or motivation with the collection, as you do not have sex or school or college level variables effective in distinguishing motivation.