Hydro engineering Feasibility Study of Surface Runoff Water Harvesting in Al-Ajeej Basin, North West Iraq


The hydro engineering characteristics of Al-Ajeej basin which was located within south Sinjar plain north west Iraq was analyzed to predict the possibility of surface runoff harvesting during rainfall season in the upstream sites in this basin using watershed modeling system (WMS). The hydrological feasibility of constructing small dam on Al-Ajeej valley with some preliminary design calculations were presented. The best optimum dam site was selected to be located (3.95) km downstream the confluence of Al-Badee branch with Al-Ajeej valley (35 46 6 Latitude and Longitude 41 36 11) having a catchment's area of (3043)km2. The proposed dam height was (12.5) meter with a dam length of (1277)m, while the normal storage volume of the reservoir is (38.8) million m3. Construction a dams in such sites characterized by water shortage during all around the year will give an aid in the sustainable development of such area by increasing the cultivation lands, the agricultural products and also modify the income of the villagers living in this area leading to prevent them leaving their lands to other places.