Studying Of Sensory and Chemical Properties Of Biscuit After Replacement of Wheat Flour by Pop Corn Flour.


In this study biscuit was enriched by adding an antioxidant compound which is available in pop corn (species of corn) , since it has been proved that pop corn (Zea mayz averta) is rich in antioxidant (poly phenols). Those poly phenols were assayed by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography). It has been found that pop corn flour contain high concentration of polyphenols which is higher than that of wheat flour like ascorbic acid, Carnosol, Catechin, Carnosic acid and & Propyl gallate which is in higher conc. than those in wheat flour. While Cartenoids and Rosmarinic acid are in lower conc. . Biscuit were processed by replaced wheat flour with pop corn flour with 10, 15 and 20% replacement ratio. It was found that antioxidant compound ratio were increased in the final product (biscuit) as the level of pop corn flour replacement increased although there was a slight difference between the ratio of those compounds. In spite of antioxidant compound were effected with high baking temp. . Biscuit were more affected because it is a hard product with low moisture. Result shows that there is an increase in spread factor and surface (crackes) as the replacement of pop corn flour increase. The sensory evaluation of biscuit of different types of blend showed an overall good acceptability with different conc. of pop corn which range from 9 – 10 and 7.5 for biscuit with 20% blend.