The Structural systems and expressional function for Airport Terminals' buildings


The research deals with the structures of the contemporary travelers' buildings in particular, and which is a functional complex installations where flexibility, technical and stereotypes play an important role as well as the human values These facilities must represent physiological and psychological comfort for travelers. TThose are facilities where architectural form plays a distinguished role in reversing the specialty and identity of the building. Hence the importance of the subject has been in forced, as a result for the need to study these facilities and to determine the impact and affects by the surrounding environment, to the extent of the urban, environmental, urban, social, and psychological levels. The importance of the research highlights the i role, played by airports terminal buildings in recent times, and the necessity to study its expressional and, aesthetic levels and methods of application, examining its integration with construction level , where these integrations play a major role in giving expressive symbolism and iconography to these construction. The local libraries , in particular ,lack architecture studies which is related to the subject, mentioned above to settle the problem of research, represented by the shortage of studies about the role, played by structural systems in achieving the symbolic expressive function for airport buildings and terminals. Research hypothesis has been stated as following: structural systems are the tools of expressive and symbolic language for buildings of the airport stations, in integration with functional and operational system and the complex motion of these buildings. The main research objective has been determined to clarify the role of the construction system in highlighting the expressive function of these buildings as an identity for the place and special interface characteristic of a civilized country in question which reflects its local privacy by being the first point of intercourse with travelers and tourists' arrivals and departures of the country.