This study was conducted on 74 Iraqi buffaloes suffered from retention of fetal membranes (RFM) after 8-12 hrs in Karbala province from 2010-2011, there were ranged from 3-7 years old. The affected animals were divided into four groups randomly according to the treatment regime .1st group (18 buffaloes) treated manually ,2nd group (22buffaloes) treated with oxytocin hormone 100 IU(10ml/IM) .While the 3rd group (21 buffaloes) was treated with a single dose of estrumate 750μg (3ml /IM) .The 4th group (13 buffaloes) was treated with a single dose of estradiol benzoate (15mg/IM) and all groups were treated with a single dose of oxytetracycline 20% (20ml/IM).The response for different treatment regimes were 100% ,77% ,76.19% and 76.92% for groups respectively. The manual removal treatment gives a superior significant difference (P<0.01) from other hormonal treatments and the second group recorded a better percentage of drops of fetal membranes compared with the 3rd and 4th group. The manually treated animals were superior to other group related to first postpartum estrus, the number of services per conception and the days open measurements. We concluded that the manual treatment still an important method of treatment, this fact depends on the reproductive parameters. Also we concluded that the hormonal treatment is a good method and gives appositive result reaches to 80% response.INTRODUCTION