Modified Sierpinski Gasket Patch Antenna for UMTS and 2.4/5.2 WLAN


A modified Sierpinski Gasket fractal antenna for multiband application is proposed in this paper. The modified ground plane and the microstrip feed are used to obtain the wider bandwidth at the resonance frequency. The antenna is designed and printed on two layers FR-4 substrate (ϵr=4.4 and h=1.6 mm) to cover the UMTS and 2.4/5.2 WLAN. The radiation pattern of the proposed antenna is similar to an omnidirectional. The proposed antenna has maximum gain of 1.88, 1.6, 4.31 dB at 2, 2.4, 5.2 GHz, respectively The properties of the antenna such as return losses, radiation pattern, input resistance and gain are determined via numerical CST Microwave Studio 2010 software.