The effect of various staining agents on color stability of acrylic denture teeth materials. (In vitro study)


The aims of this study was to evaluated of effect the color stability of acrylic denture teeth when exposed to common beverages (coffee, tea and cola) with evaluate of change in the different time after [24 hour, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month] to obtain on high aesthetic of acrylic denture teeth.The color stability of acrylic denture teeth is very important factor influencing consumer's acceptability of the aesthetic. The stain solution is effecting the teeth when immersing for long time that replacement of natural color of acrylic teeth, additives has contributed in increasing the color change which result unacceptable of prosthodontic the acrylic denture teeth. In present study (128) samples were immersed into three staining drinks (coffee, tea and cola) as test groups and distilled water as a control group. Color stability measurements of teeth were performed by using a spectrophotometer device. The Color change values were determined after [24 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month] of immersion.The Result of the Color stability variable analysis differences were used ANOVA and LSD. The color stability of all denture teeth was a high significant difference (p< 0.01) affected by the immersion of stain solution period. Cola was found to be the most the color change of the denture teeth because that the composition of the cola is the phosphoric acid which lead to scratch of the enemal surface of the denture teeth, also pure agent- materials among the solutions tested (p<0.01). It was concluded that acrylic denture teeth exposed to higher degree of color change and that depended on the amount of color change in each group that increased proportionally with time.